LinkedIn is a business and employment-oriented online social service that is wholly owned by Microsoft. LinkedIn’s service is mainly used for professional development, education, social networking, including employers posting jobs and job seekers posting their CVs.



The wireless (Wi-Fi) solution is becoming the primary access for all employees at LinkedIn supporting engineering, product development, and other business functions.  LinkedIn’s enterprise wireless solution is designed to provide ubiquitous network access to employees, guests, and visitors.  As LinkedIn experienced rapid growth, LinkedIn wanted to streamline the wireless build out for new offices, new mergers and acquisitions, and to improve overall user experience globally.  



Our team of wireless specialists worked closely with LinkedIn’s engineering, real estate, and new build team to review LinkedIn’s wireless user experience objectives, designs, and deployment processes.  We partnered with Linkedin and helped assess LinkedIn’s wireless design and build standard for both indoor and outdoor wireless use cases.  Our team reviewed LinkedIn’s wireless configurations extensively and helped optimize their wireless standard, including RF power settings, ARM profiles, and AP settings.  We educated the real estate and new build deployment teams on the wireless deployment process and developed a tailored program that streamlined all phases of a new wireless deployment, including predictive modeling, pre-installation site visit, post installation RF validation, Client testing, user feedback gathering, optimization, and remediation.  Our team developed a customized program, which has been adopted by the new build team to streamline the budgeting and scheduling process for all new sites globally. 

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