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Next Generation Cloud and Cybersecurity Community (NGCCC)


The goal of NGCCC is to bring together the Enterprise IT and security community to allow leaders and innovators to learn from peers through open dialogues, collaborate on use cases, share learned lessons, make informed decisions, and collectively drive technical solutions and options based on open standards and emerging technologies.

Mission Statements

  • To bring business and technology leaders and IT practitioners together in an open environment to explore and collaborate on challenges facing enterprise organizations without influence and bias from vendors.
  • To promote peer-to-peer exchange in the areas of Enterprise networking, Cloud computing, and Cybersecurity regarding the design, build, security, management of the organization.
  • To drive solution development and business initiatives — based on community directives that include open, standards-based, software-defined and cloud solutions
  • To join force and expand the technical breadth and experience through open dialogues and peer discussions to enhance and accelerate technology adoption in all business categories
  • To Serve as the collective voice and thought leadership of technology pioneers and innovators


NGCCC is seeking visionary IT, security, and business leaders to speak to the NGCCC at our monthly meeting. NGCCC does not accept vendor or product-specific proposals. Only Enterprise IT, Security, and business leaders are considered.  To submit a speaker proposal, please review the following guidelines:

  • To provide thought leadership and present a vision or experience that is helping Enterprise drive innovation based on open standards and architectures
  • To provide a unique, high-level perspective on a topic of interest to the NGCCC community
  • To address a topic from an area of interest including Enterprise technology, end user experience, business digital transformation and workflow, cloud migration and adoption, and Cybersecurity
  • To speak about a topic addressing a real world technology and case study in a vendor neutral fashion
  • To speak about a topic addressing a current business need or pain point

Submissions will be accepted on a continuous basis and speakers will be notified if their submission is of interest. 

Perspective Members

  • Enterprise leaders
  • Enterprise Architects, Network Architects, Security and Cybersecurity Architects, Network Engineers, Security Engineers
  • Entrepreneurs, Innovators

Topics of Particular Interest

  • Enterprise digital transformation and its impacts on business operations & IT
  • (Case Study) Cloud migration, deployment, and adoption successes and challenges
  • Enterprise software-defined infrastructure, applications, and management use cases
  • Transform IT organizational culture, design, workforce, and skill sets 
  • Best practices in IT solution design, integration, and deployment through automation
  • The role of machine learning and AI in Enterprise IT automation
  • Compliance and governance for the enterprise

Past Meetings and Topics

  • VC Insight in technology innovations and investment portfolio by Lightspeed Ventures (2017)
  • Netflix Cloud Migration Journey by Andrew Braham (Netflix) (2018)
  • Tesla Automation on Zero Trust Architecture by EllenLiu and Leonard Wong (2019)



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